Monday, December 20, 2010

GMail hotkeys

I am so addicted to using letters to work in GMail. Y for archive, C for compose, L for label, GI for inbox. Also love the Send & Archive button.

Anyway, what I meant to report is that I sometimes find myself pressing Y when I'm done reading something in a tab in my browser. I think it's going to go away. haha

Email Length & Self-Imposed Constraints

I write long emails. I hate receiving long emails and I feel bad sending them.

Whenever I type out an email on a BlackBerry or iPhone though, I feel like I'm writing a normal email but when I see it on the computer later, it looks super short and to the point.

I think the combination of physical restriction and the illusion of long email due to constant linebreaking help me to edit. Also maybe the context to being out and doing something else helps too.

Maybe I should write my email in something that has like 30-40 characters per line to help me visualize the length of the communication I'm putting out.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Exchange with my colleague:

Me: Your Skype status is "Exploring Laranjeiras" [where our new office is]

F: Yeah, I cannot find a good place to have lunch.

Me: We need a Yelp! [here in Brazil]

F: No, we need delivery.

Me: oh. interesting.