Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I feel kinda lame posting linkdumps but there have been some cool articles and I have no time.

Web Worker Payoff: Information Architect
"More commonly referred to by titles such as information architect, interaction or user experience designer or usability engineer, the job had average pay in 2006 of $82,400, according to a survey by The Information Architecture Institute."

Thin clients: The time is now
"…technological advances are finally getting ready to give the desktop PC the old heave-ho, at least in larger corporate environments. Their replacement? The thin client: a dumb, network-connected terminal capable of delivering a desktop-like experience without all that costly, energy-draining hardware on the desk."

Names in User Experience You Should Know
Also includes an up-and-coming list. They must have misspelled my name as "Other."

Monday, July 09, 2007


Pioneering a User Experience (UX) Process
"Creating a User Experience (UX) process can be a very rewarding journey; it can also be a nightmare if approached from the wrong angle. Initiating a culture-shift, overhauling existing processes, evangelizing, strategizing, and educating is an enormous undertaking. Often it’s a lonely path the UX advocate walks, especially if you are the only one who is driving that change from within the company. But that path is ripe with opportunities to improve your company’s product creation process, as well as the product itself."

Thanks for the good quote selection to Navneet Nair on his post which I basically copied.

7 User Experience Lessons We Can Learn from the iPhone
Cool article and cool use of SlideShare integration into a blog post.

The Lab Within the Lab
Janice, the first, and I think solo, UX/usability lab professional at Flying Lab Software (a small game company) introduces herself. I always wanted to know if UX could work well with game companies and how my skillset might fit in. I wanted to chat with the Rockstar table during a career fair and ask my prof in a game studies course but I guess this will do for now. I'd be really interested in reading more about how her work goes.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Philips Is For Sure Cool

In the BusinessWeek article Case Study: Philips' Norelco, it's demonstrated that Philips is a cool company that knows how to focus on the user. I always suspected Philips to be a cool company to design for (I keep a list of companies where I think it would be cool to do design work) .

The article has 4 headings: The Problem, a call for solutions; The Research, contextual inquiry (watch them!); Prototyping, where engineers, designers, and business strategists dream and build; Marketing, product positioning based on user needs and worldviews. Awesome! Staying empathetic, collaboratively working through solutions, sticking close to the data.

And yes, Chinese men aren't usually very hairy. Philips will consider launching a double-headed razor for China instead of triple-headed razor. Kinda funny.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Internet is Full of Design Knowledge and Literature

I re-discovered this blog/site called Core77. Browsing through it I remember why I deleted it from my feed reader a while ago: there is just too much stuff that is really broadly spread across the huge domain of design. I was more interested in design research and user-centered design than industrial and graphic design and all that other good stuff.

Anyway, I noticed tucked away in Core77 is a really neat directory of design firms and consultants. Core77 Design Directory. As of right now, 6427 firms are listed and 1389 are labeled as Interaction Design. Sweetness. I'm going to enjoy browsing through them a bit at a time. I'm really surprised at how many are in San Francisco. I really think I should have tried to tour as many of these operations as possible. I've always wanted to get to know more about design firms and the work they do but I never knew how to find them. Good thing someone else is keeping a directory!

Another thing I noticed on the Core77 homepage is the BusinessWeek Online logo and I'm guessing that means Core77 is owned by or on the payroll of BusinessWeek. BusinessWeek has a cool running "column" on Business Innovation and Design. Front page of this section looks unbelievably interesting. Looks like all those late nights of wandering on the web for more design knowledge are starting to pay off. I'm just disappointed that it takes me so long to find exactly what I'm looking for.