Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I feel kinda lame posting linkdumps but there have been some cool articles and I have no time.

Web Worker Payoff: Information Architect
"More commonly referred to by titles such as information architect, interaction or user experience designer or usability engineer, the job had average pay in 2006 of $82,400, according to a survey by The Information Architecture Institute."

Thin clients: The time is now
"…technological advances are finally getting ready to give the desktop PC the old heave-ho, at least in larger corporate environments. Their replacement? The thin client: a dumb, network-connected terminal capable of delivering a desktop-like experience without all that costly, energy-draining hardware on the desk."

Names in User Experience You Should Know
Also includes an up-and-coming list. They must have misspelled my name as "Other."

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