Friday, March 16, 2007

Unfinished Reading

I am reading a bunch of books that are at various stages of being finished.

Starting to read a book usually has one of, or a combination of the following reasons:

  1. It's damned interesting
  2. It could be useful for schoolwork
  3. It could be useful or is necessary for work
  4. Someone gave me the impression that I should read it

Usually, the problem with finishing them before starting the next one is some combination of the following reasons:
  1. Periodicals get in the way. They're interesting and bite-sized and damn do I have a lot of them!
  2. One of the four above reasons become heavily weighted due to prioritizing needs and requires a change in reading material
  3. Material isn't suitable for short reading sessions - it's too dense or not as meaningful in little pieces
  4. Book is a PDF or e-book tucked away on my computer somewhere and outta sight, outta mind
  5. Not using bookmarks and/or reading late at night mean re-reading sections again and again
  6. I'm pretty sure I read more slowly than most people :-(
Anyway, here's the in-progress list of books that haunts me with guilt when I'm goofing off or vegetating in front of the TV (in order of priority):
  1. Book of JavaScript
  2. Information Dashboard Design
  3. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
  4. The Art of Innovation
  5. Emotional Design
  6. Understanding Comics
  7. Designing Interactions
  8. The Inmates are Running the Asylum
  9. Philosophy Gym
  10. Conversations on Consciousness
I can't wait 'till spring break…

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Kelly said...

Haha! Understanding comics is great.